SLM Decorators



At SLM Decorators, we bring professionalism to the table when decorating your commercial properties. With over 25 years experience, we always produce professional, excellent work and we know just how important this is when working with other businesses. Our list of commercial painting services includes: painting the interior and exterior of your property, installing scaffolding, priming, helping you select colour schemes/patterns, brush and roller work, spray painting, drywall repair, staining, varnishing, caulking, sealing, restoration, wood stripping, wall art and more. No matter what type of business you run, from office blocks to colourful nurseries and restaurants, we have the perfect skills to provide you with a high quality finish. We make sure that we have the skills and expertise to deliver exactly what your firm needs.

Why Use SLM Decorators?

Of all the reasons to choose SLM Decorators, but the main one is that our number 1 priority is you. At SLM, we understand the importance of professionalism when working with other businesses and with our 25 years of experience, this is something we have honed perfectly. Our projects are always completed on time and within budget. Furthermore, we are thorough and clean in our work and always make sure that everything is done with minimum disturbances in order to allowing your business to run as smoothly as possible. We are a fully insured, reliable and trustworthy company with a host of commercial painting clients and loads of excellent work.

Our Commercial Painting Speaks For Itself

We do more than talk the talk; we show you the finished product. Below is a little sample of our portfolio showing you why SLM Decorators is the number 1 choice for commercial painters.